t-minus 13 hours until liftoff!

October 27, 2009

And so this blog comes to both a happy end and a new beginning. No longer am I begging for cash, posting videos trying to get funds, or… as of recently, not been posting. Now begins an era of Phish! This is what we’ve all worked towards!

And here’s how its all going down

10/28 330a: Bus to NYC
10/28 1030a: Flight to LA
10/28 630p: Bus to Indio, CA
check in by midnight at Fest8
Work shift: 10/29 230p – 10/30 11a
(cause i dont need no stinkin break!)
And then i fly back to NYC on the 3rd
and make my way back to Albany on the 4th

And none of this itinerary could have been completed without your help!

Thank you all again, please have a happy and safe Halloween and wish me luck on this ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME! (w88t!)


All of our efforts have finally paid off!!

October 21, 2009

Most common word used in this blog: Thank you. And to continue the trend, Thank you all again! Thanks to all of you, I was able to PURCHASE MY TICKET TO LOS ANGELES TODAY!! Oh man, it feels so good to finally say that.

Currently, here is my schedule:


330a: Depart Albany with Greyhound
740a: Arrive at Penn Station
800a: Take train to JFK
1030a: Depart from JFK
155p: Arrive at LAX

And from there we take another greyhound after hanging out on the beach. And soon enough i’ll arrive on the festival grounds all set to begin my Work Exchange! YES!!

Oh… and biggest bonus… I have a sweet window seat for my flight!

…Temporary Pause…

October 13, 2009

Im sure you’ve noticed that I havent really updated the site in a few days. I owe you all an apology, but the lack of posts is actually because I got an amazing job and, well, thats a priority right now. So please pardon my absence and I can assure you that more humorousness will come shortly. And i can guarantee that you will all see me in Indio, CA now. For Phish. On Halloween (it feels soooo amazing to be able to type those words!) Thank you to Elise for my most recent donation, bringing me up to $236.02!! And, once again, all I can do is thank everybody over and over. Thank you!

…Now i just need to figure out what my costume is going to be…

You have been accepted onto the Phish Festival 8 Work Exchange Team

October 8, 2009

Perhaps the greatest subject line of any email i have EVER received! And with that, I can deduct $200 from my overall goal! Which means that by sometime next week, I should have my plane tickets all purchased and everything accounted for! I dont mean to “fully” celebrate yet… but its looking like WE DID IT!!

And comically enough, just after I received that email, I was sent this hilarious Phish related video in which Adolf Hitler learns what album will be played on Halloween

Now, I know that I obviously didnt create this video, but it was topic-related and it made me laugh.

More details to come on the trip itself. But Thank You Everybody! Whether you donated, laughed or made fun of my site, you were an inspiration to me. Thank you Thank you Thank you!! Now, I have to work on some more videos, because even though i’m almost at my goal, that will not keep me from entertaining you all. Stay good and I’LL SEE YOU ON HALLOWEEN!!!

Progress Report

October 7, 2009

I am pleased to announce that as of today, I am 32.68% at my original goal. I said my original goal, because its appearing as if I can reduce my initial target amount. I say this because I’m currently looking for a kind soul who would allow my Work Exchange deposit to be placed on their credit card. In no way, shape or form is this a request for someone to do that for me. This is a personal undertaking and i’m just keeping YOU, the donation public, informed as to my situation.

On the same topic, I have also been checking out other flights and its looking as if i might be able to shave another $50 off of that goal. If that was the case, and my new goal was $350, then I am currently at 56.02% of my goal!!! That puts everything into a whole new perspective! And once again, I owe it all to you. In fact, today I received a wonderful amount of support from Phantasy Tour (and of course, alot of anti-support, which I obviously had coming) in the form of donations and site views. 274 hits yesterday! I never thought i’d see the day.

Anyways, thats where i’m at. And of course, it could not have been without your help. I will continue to determine the least amount of money I require to make this trip, and of course, I will continue to keep you all mildly entertained. Thanks again and enjoy your Halloweens!

Help Me See Phish Sing-a-Long + SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!

October 6, 2009

Alot of times I get the urge to sing out loud. Its a perfectly normal thing to do… until things start getting weird. I present to you my rendition of The Beatles “The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill”. It doesn’t stray much from the original version, except for the fact that I keep getting interrupted by a strange fellow…

…but i guess being interrupted by a sock puppet is probably the least-odd thing that has been presented on this site.


I have recently been wrestling with the fact that these donations seem incredibly one-sided.  Sure, I do my best to entertain you all with juvenile humor, but that can only go so far. I am pleased to announce that I will be rewarding all those kind enough to help me out. Any person who donates money to Help Me See Phish (whether in the future, or in the past) will receive a Special Festival 8 Art Package from yours truly upon my return to Albany from my Halloween trip.

What will this package contain? At the very least, every person will receive a piece of art personally created for them by me from some point on this future trip. Could it be a pencil sketching of the ground below as I soar in a plane to California? Might it be a vibrant watercolor piece of the magnificent palm trees in Indio? Thats the surprise. And remember you will receive artwork at the very least. This is the least I can do to show my thanks to you all.

I hope you all enjoy the sing-a-long. I’m sure you’ll see both myself and our new friend at some point in the near future!

&gt;&gt;&gt; <a href=”http://tinyurl.com/helptij”>MY OFFICIAL DONATION PAGE</a> &lt;&lt;&lt;

Presenting: Days Of Our Twibe (an internet soap opera)

October 5, 2009

A joke began today (i believe), regarding the specifics of a twitter soap opera. While I dont have the cast to pull off a plot involving a wealthy heiress, a millionaire playboy, 2 adopted twins with secret powers and other such nonsense, I was able to put the drama that each of us experience online onto film. I present you with the another episode in the continuing story that is… the Days Of Our Twibe

For any people watching this video who aren’t tweeps or towels, all of the coolest phish phans on twitter belong to the Phish Twibe. So… thats half the joke.

Enjoy the video!! Thanks to @stringcheesemom for the amazing suggestion and keep the requests pouring in!!


Presenting: Saltine Shakespeare

October 4, 2009

For your viewing pleasure, I present to you…


In other news, I am now at $144.20 (my old zipcode back in Brockport. weird!) which puts me at just under 25%!! Thank you so much everybody! This is slowly becoming a reality. Enjoy the video, keep making requests and enjoy your Halloween!!


The HelpMeSeePhish Podcast Series: Episode #2 – Instrumental Goodness

September 30, 2009

The second edition of our podcast series features all instrumentals… except for a certain tubby drummer we are all familiar with. I hope you all enjoyed Day Man yesterday, and thank you Jessica for you contribution as well!! Thank you again to everybody so far. Even if you cant/dont/wont/zont make a donation, I hope you enjoy the laughs, the tunes and the crazy adventure this could all become

HelpMeSeePhish Podcast Series: Episode #2

“You Got It” – Brothers Two
“Soul Heart Transplant” – Ebony Rhythm Band
“Peaches en Regalia” – Phish 12/31/1993
“Flying” – The *cough* *cough*
“Another Episode…” – Eddie Fisher
“Country Girl” – Sugarman Three & Co
“All Things Reconsidered” – Phish 08/11/1993
“Play With Me” – Jeff Beck
“Frankenstein” – Jon Fishman

Click the above link or HERE to access the drop.io for this podcast

As tomorrow is the first day of October, the official countdown is almost underway. It’s always so much more exciting to be in the same month as a Phish show, whether you’re attending or not. Hopefully i’ll see you all there, but until then: Keep the requests coming, get your costumes ready and enjoy the tunes!!


The First Request: …DayMan!!

September 29, 2009

I received a marvelous request along with a generous donation from a wonderful phan by the name of Jenni. She simply requested The Nightman Cometh or “maybe just a “Day Man” that brings down the house?” As much as i’d love to perform the Nightman Cometh in its entirety, I could not find enough source material to do so. Instead I became both Charlie and Dennis in a feeble attempt to bring Day Man to the masses.

I gotta admit. This was ridiculously fun. As horrible as it actually is, its all about having fun. Hence wanting to get my butt to Indio. So Thanks again for getting me that much closer to my dream and i’ll have plenty more videos and podcasts coming in the near future. TODAYS PODCAST!